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Spooky Kids Alley


Halloween Drop on 10/31/21 @ Midnight

8888 Spooky Kids

8888 Spooky Kids to join Bad Kids


Priced at 0 ETH ;)

Regenerative Hand Picked Art

Layers by artist UnstableKido

We are Here, Again!

For a limited time,
Bad Kids Alley owners
Will gain access to
Limited edition Spooky Kids!
Get ready to mint free.
Exclusive event surprises!

We are Bad Kids Alley


Brand Launch on 9/20/21 @ 12 PM ET

8888 Bad Kids

8888 Bad Kids ready to join the fight

0.08 Eth

Priced at 0.08 ETH.

Insane Art

Art by artist UnstableKido

We are Coming

They turned their backs on us
Then called us names
Now they can't ignore us
Together we are making our stand
We are fighting back.
No one will stand in our way!

We are Bad Kids Alley

The Vision

Hello Bad Kid,

Our goal is straight forward, We are building a global brand. We want see you bad kids everywhere! Our team is built up of fantastic community leaders and well-connected humans from all around the globe. We will be establishing partnerships and building relationships, inside the NFT space and across the world. We will hire and scale our team to meet this goal.

We are excited to have you along for the ride. We will continue to do right by you, and grow our amazing community. The standard stuff is already on its way, Rarity tools, Rarity Sniper, Open Sea verification, Metaverse space for Bad Kids Alley. We will be looking to do a merch shop in the near future. Along with some unrevealed non-standard amazing things that are coming.

Our first event is already scheduled, a Halloween event inside of Discord. On Halloween you will be able to claim a special Bad Kids Alley NFT, that will be revealed as we party together as a community. We decided to call them Spooky Kids. Thanks to team Pagzi, we were able to deliver this in the last 10 days. Exciting times.

Thank you for reading, we are very excited to develop and scale-up this brand along side you. We have big ideas for this community and we can't wait to get going. Stay tuned for future updates as we work to innovate and be pioneers as an NFT media company.

Stay Bad, Kids
UnstableKido x Clare

The Team


Unstable Kido

Artist and Co-Founder of the Bad Kids Alley.


Clare Maguire

Brand and Project Manager, Co-Founder